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Faculty of Languages and Arts

Vision of the Faculty of Languages and Arts:

The Faculty of Languages and Arts has been established as the center of excellence in which education and non-education of languages and arts are developed based on what is referred to as the philosophy Tri Hita Karana, humanity and culture.

Missions of the Faculty of Languages and Arts:

  1. Undertaking education and teaching in order to produce high quality human resources both in academic and vocational fields with global perspective, who are cultured, maintain the humanistic local wisdom, and care about environment.
  2. Undertaking research as an attempt to develop and implement science and technology in educational and non-educational fields.
  3. Undertaking social services as an attempt to implement science and technology and to increase the contribution made by the faculty to the people’s prosperity, intelligence,  social and environmental sensitivity, values, morality, and ethics.
  4. Undertaking the consistent, accountable, efficient, and effective management of tertiary education and providing maximum social services.

Study Programs:

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