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Student Guidance

  • Academic guidance is the guidance provided by the Academic Advisor (PA) for students in the academic field during their studies.
  • The purpose of Academic Guidance are to provide assistance and advice to students in programming their courses as well as to provide continuous supervision for the smooth running of student studies.
  • Academic activities include consultations between Academic Advisor and students in filling out student credits when students face difficulties in their studies, and other matters related to student learning progress.
  • Academic Advisor Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Provide explanations and instructions to students about their study plans.
    2. Provide guidance and advice to students of studying in completing their studies.
    3. Provide advice to students of courses selection according to their study program.
    4. Assist students in preparing their study plans to choose the right courses according to their abilities, interests, and educational goals.
    5. Research the causes and give approval for the student's study plan changes.
    6. Searching, compiling, and saving confidentially the data of the students they are mentoring.
    7. Provide reports and recommendations about mentored students when they needed.
    8. Give warnings to students with low achievement.
    9. Provide sufficient time to consult with students (at least 4 times in 1 semester).
  • Student Relations with Academic Supervisor
    1. In accordance with the duties of Academic Supervisor’s responsibility, students are expected to take advantage of the Academic Supervisor functions as well as possible.
    2. Replacement of Academic Advisor is possible with the approval from head of department / head of study program.
  • Understanding of Guidance and Counseling Services is the process of providing continuous and systematic assistance to students in order to achieve self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-direction and self-realization in achieving an optimal level of development and adjustment in their environment.
  • In general, Guidance and Counseling aims for every student to achieve the following three things.
    1. Academically, can achieve optimal development;
    2. Psychologically can achieve development marked by maturity and personal health;
    3. Socially, can achieve adjustment and have social skills independently.
  • Guidance and counseling services that can be implemented include:
    1. Individual/group guidance on the credit system, how to use the library, effective learning methods, decision-making processes and career guidance.
    2. Individual/group testing: and
    3. Individual/group counseling and consultation.
  • The stages of guidance and counseling services are .
    1. Students who have problems can contact or can go directly to the UPT of Counseling Guidance Service;
    2. Academic Supervisor seeks to identify and help to solve the problems;
    3. If the problem cannot be resolved, Academic Supervisor refers to the UPT of Counseling Guidance Service.
  • Other guidance referred to a guidance that is not included in points 4.1 and 4.2 above, but that is a part of Undiksha curriculum including: seminar guidance, KKL guidance, KKN guidance, and Alternative Career Guidance (BKA).
  • Seminar guidance is arranged by the Head of the Study Program with reference to thesis guidance process.
  • Guidance for PPL, KKN, KKL, and BKA is regulated separately in a special guide book.