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Japanese Language Education


Becoming anexcellent study program which produces professional Japanese language teachers with academic capability and cultural prospective.


  1. Creating religious and conducive academic culture using all the potentials which the students and teaching staff have.
  2. Undertaking education and teaching to produce graduates who are pedagogically and professionally competent, and have good personalities.
  3. Conducting research to develop science and technology and arts in Japanese language and the matters pertaining to Japan and the Japanese language teaching.
  4. Undertaking social services as the implementation of science and technology in languages, the matters pertaining to Japan, and the Japanese language teaching.
  5. Expanding cooperation to support the development of the study program.


  1. Producing graduates of Japanese Language Education who highly appreciate the values that Pancasila contains, are academically competent enough, and firmly hold ethics and profession.
  2. Conducting research in Japanese language, the matters pertaining to Japan, and the English language teaching.
  3. Implementing the results of the Japanese teaching and research for the development of the educational world and public.
  4. Creating innovations in the Japanese language teaching and learning.
  5. Producing graduates who are socially sensitive through the classroom and outside classroom activities.
  6. Producing graduates with main and supporting competencies needed in education of Japanese language.
  7. Expanding cooperation with national and international institutions which can lead to the improvement of the quality of teaching, research and social services.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Japanese Language Teachers
    Becoming teachers, facilitators and instructors who can teach Japanese language pedagogically, and have the ability to use the technology of information as required by the era development.
  2. Researchers of Japanese Language and Its Teaching
    Being able to conduct preliminary research in Japanese language education, Japanese language, and publish articles in different forums.
  3. Experts in Tourism Japanese Language
    Being able to work as tour guides, hotel and restaurants employees, and providers of other social services who have the concept of the theoretical basis in the use of Japanese language and are able to communicate orally and in writing using Japanese language and to create good interpersonal relationships.
  4. Japanese Language Translators
    Becoming translators who are good at the theoretical concept of translation and are able to translate texts and discourses of the intermediate level from Japanese language into Indonesian language and vice versa.
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