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Japanese Language Education


To become a Leading Study Programme based on the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy in the field of Japanese Language Education in Asia in 2045


  1. Organize education and teaching that creates collaborative, competitive, and characterized human resources in the Japanese Language Education
  2. Conduct competitive, collaborative, and innovative research for science and technology development and application in Japanese Language Education
  3. Organize community service that is accommodative, competitive, collaborative, and innovative in Japanese Language Education


To produce graduates who have personality, integrity, responsibility and demonstrate innovative and collaborative abilities in the field of Japanese Language Education (designing, implementing, and evaluating) using theories, approaches, and language learning methods.

Profile of Graduates

Japanese Language Educators (teachers, instructors, tutors, mentors, trainers) who have integrity, responsibility, and innovative abilities and are able to collaborate in designing, implementing, and evaluating the learning process in the field of Japanese Language Education.

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