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General Affairs and Law Department

Bureau of General and Financial affairs in charge of carrying out financial affairs, employment, administration, housekeeping, law, management, and management of state property. In carrying out their duties, Bureau of General and Financial affairs carries out the following functions:

  1. Implementation of administrative affairs.
  2. Implementation of household affairs.
  3. Implementation of the management of state property.
  4. Implementation of law affairs.
  5. Implementation of organizational affairs and management.
  6. Implementation of employment affairs.
  7. Implementation of financial and accounting matters.

Bureau of General and Financial affairs consists of:

  1. Division of General and Administration.
  2. Division of Human Resources
  3. Division of Financial Affairs
  4. Functional Position Group. Consists of a number of functional positions which are divided into various groups of functional positions based on their field of expertise or activities. The number of functional officers is determined based on the needs and workload. Duties, types, and levels of functional positions are regulated based on laws and regulations.