Ganesha University of Education provides various educational programs including diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs. The faculties also organize international programs in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

List of the Faculty

Academic services and various resources have been designed to prepare young Ganesha (the students) to be able to take part in nation-building. Currently, Ganesha University of Education has 8 faculties and 1 postgraduate program which located in 5 different campus locations.


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Visit the page for the list of educational programs to get more information about the study programs.


International Student

Find the opportunities to study at Undiksha for international students. We have an International affairs office to give guidance for your study plan at Undiksha.

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The University Accreditation

Get information on Undiksha's accreditation status and history

The Study Program Accreditation

List of information related to the achievements and accreditation status of study programs at Undiksha

Undiksha's Achievements

List of awards achieved by Undiksha at the National and International levels

The Admission of New Students

The official information page of new student admission

Curriculum Information

List of academic documents regarding the curriculum applied by Undiksha

Scholarship Information

Information portal for tuition assistance for academics

Campus Life

Get to know the culture and academic environment while studying at Undiksha

Students’ Achievement

List of academic and non-academic achievements that have been achieved by students

Academic Guidance Procedure

Important information related to academic services for students and lecturers

Student Affair Services

Information about Undiksha’s student services and procedures

Student Activity Units

A place for student activities to develop interests, talents and skills

Academic Study Guidelines

Official reference for the implementation of academic activities during lectures at Undiksha

Institute Academic Calendar

Information about the important schedule of Undiksha's academic activities

Guidelines for Writing Scientific Papers

Guidelines for writing scientific papers for students and supervisors