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English Language


Becoming an excellent study program which develops vocational education in the English language, tourism and translation


  1. Undertaking efficient and effective education to develop vocational English needed for tourism and translation.
  2. Conducting research in languages in the framework of developing science and technology for human beings.
  3. Undertaking social services to improve the people’s prosperity.
  4. Cooperating with related institutions which can develop the quality of department, the institutions with which the department cooperates with and society.


  1. Understanding comprehensively the basic and middle knowledge of General English and vocational English, and the vocational skill needed to support the implementation of the knowledge of English language.
  2. Being good at English needed for tourism especially Hotel Front Office, Travel Agency and translation.
  3. Being able to be the community members who can communicate in English language who are aware of and responsible for, discipline and honest in performing what is supposed to do as the generation which continues the values that Pancasila and 1945 Constitution contain.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Technicians in Hotel Front Office
    Becoming graduates who are good at the English Language needed for Hotel Front Office and are equipped with good operating skill. Their English is mastered from the mastery of the General English and Hotel English and the operating skill acquired from Practical Field Work at star hotels.
  2. Tour Guide, Liaison Officer
    The graduates’ good English acquired from the lecturing activities and operating skill and through the Practical Field Work allows them to work as Tour Guides and Liaison Officers.
  3. Junior Translator
    The graduates master the techniques of translation needed to translate English texts into Indonesian and vice versa.

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