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Why Study at Undiksha?


As one of the biggest universities of education in Bali, Undiksha offers opportunities to learn each discipline of knowledge and system of education. There are several reasons why students choose Undiksha (from the students’ point of view).

  • Scholarship
    Undiksha prepares different types of scholarship for the new and active students who are outstanding and poor. The types of scholarship prepared for the outstanding students are PPA, Supersemar, and BI. They help students  achieve their ideals. There is also a type of scholarship referred to as “Bidikmisi” which is prepared for the students who are economically poor but have academic potentials.
  • The learning ability
    Apart from learning material, knowledge and discipline, students are also taught how to teach each discipline for formal and informal education.
  • Experience
    By getting involved in the students’ activity units or organizations, all the students will acquire so many experiences. As well, they will have the real teaching opportunity in which they can implement and practice their knowledge in formal school.
  • Community Service
    The learning method and how to teach and learn each discipline are the students’ activities in general. As one of the state universities, Undiksha also adheres to what is referred to “TridharmaPerguruanTinggi’ (research, teaching and social service). One of the most important things is serving society. As already known, society is the important consumer of Undiksha.
  • Achievement
    GaneshaUniversity of Education has always achieved glorious achievements in the regional, national and international levels. The achievements it has achieved vary, ranging from academic, non-academic and the students’ activity units ‘Unit KegiatanMahasiswa (UKM)’.
  • Facilities
    Undiksha has different facilities such as library, computer laboratory, Sports Center of Ganesha referred to as GOR Undiksha, auditorium, seminar rooms, ATM pavilion, hotspot internet, art studio, holy places, and students’ dormitory and so forth.