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International Program

Undiksha presents various international programs to encourage international academic/non-academic society to participate in international mobility activities in Undiksha. Undiksha gives opportunities for them to gain international experience to broaden their knowledge and career development opportunities at the international level. You can choose the programs that suits your current field and your future career. Undiksha has partnered with accredited institutions in various countries.


Undiksha provides several non-degree programs in inviting International society to be a part of Undiksha. They will enjoy new learning experience while enjoying Balinese culture and nature.


Credit Earning is an educational program for international students to participate in academic activities at Undiksha. Participants who take part in these academic activities will receive recognition in the form of semester credit. This program is carried out by two or more universities.


Giving chance for educational-field students (teacher candidates) to do teaching practice and understand and implement instruction in specific education level. Besides, teacher candidates can develop aspects of pedagogic competence in various basic teaching skills.


Providing valuable learning experiences to students through direct involvement in the community to discover, recognize and encourage community potential. In addition, students can organize society, solve, and overcome problems in society through education, art and technology.


Conducting internship programs for vocational and non-educational-field students to do practice and work in the relevant industry. This internship program is conducted in an international or multinational company.


This program is designed to facilitate international partners to serve the community on a short-term program and focus on the specific cultural learning experience. This program can be for-profit or not-for-profit. Volunteering programs can be conducted in various fields, such as education, culture, art, social, economics, technology, health, etc.


Special course provided for foreigners to learn and study about Indonesian Language and Culture. In this program, students also learn about Balinese Culture, such as: traditional dance, traditional music and traditional cuisine.


International Summer School (ISS) is usually offered during the summer months (July – September). Generally, it is a short courses that compress a lot of material from various field of study into a shorter amount of time. Sometimes, participants who take part in these activities will receive recognition in the form of semester credit. .


The English Immersion Camp was held in collaboration between Undiksha and the International Center for English Excellence (ICEE) Singapore. As its name, this activity is an English Camp involving Undiksha students and native English speakers from the ICEE Team. In this 6 days program, conversations are full-English, and are carried out in fun activities that practice English skills.


This program is a collaboration between UNDIKSHA and the International Center for English Excellence (ICEE) Singapore, which aims to provide short English course for all Undiksha students, lecturers and staffs who are interested in improving their English skills, especially speaking skills.


Undiksha provides some opportunities for partner staffs, lecturers and practitioners to conduct programs in Undiksha. Enjoy your collaboration with a lot of collaboration programs with Undiksha.

Visiting Professor/Lecturer

Undiksha welcomes International academics from accredited universities who hold a master, doctoral degree and professionals with an equivalent level degree to teach, lecture or perform on a topic through interaction with Undiksha counterparts for a period of one to six months.

Visiting Researcher

Undiksha welcomes applications from students, senior academics, professors, and researchers who wish to spend periods of monthly up to yearly in the faculty to exchange expertise, carry-out research, with faculty members as their scientific counterparts.

International Joint Teaching

Undiksha have well-established partnerships with a number of leading academic institutions in the world. It makes Undiksha creating opportunities for academician in the world to do joint teaching programs with lecturer in Undiksha. Register your self, and be a part to integrate your knowledge for undergraduate and postgraduate pathways with joint teaching program.

International Joint Teaching with Practitioners

The Program of Teaching with Practitioners is a program that invites practitioners from various scientific fields to teach at Undiksha with the Join or Full teaching scheme. In this program, practitioners can share knowledge, experience, skills and tips that are used in the real world of work.

International Joint Seminar

The International Joint Seminar is a program launched by Undiksha by inviting overseas speakers, especially from universities that have partnered with Undiksha to express their ideas and share knowledge in the form of online and offline seminars. Participants can be from Undiksha and other universities students, lecturers and staffs.

Academic Staff Exchange

This program is particularly designed to facilitate international academics, lecturers and researchers to conduct various activities at Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, especially for academic programs.

International Class Prorgam

International Class Program

Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha presents an International Class Program (this class can be attended by Indonesian students and the overseas students). The international class program is provided only for 8 (eight) study programs. This program is intended for both Indonesian and foreign students, and all academic activities are delivered in fully English as the main language during the teaching process.

Study Program Language Usage
Bachelor of Elementary School Teacher Education English
Bachelor of Mathematics English
Bachelor of Medical Studies English
Bachelor Degree of Law Science English
Bachelor of English Language Education English
Bachelor of Physical Education, Health and Recreation English
Bachelor of Management English
Master of English Language Education English

It has also supporting activities in the form of a matriculation program (Bridging Program) and Character Building Program which aims to strengthen students' soft-skills so that they can compete in the global world.


Join us and develop your potentioal by learning appropriate diciplines based on your interests and career plan

The Agency of Cooperation and Public Relation

To strengthen Undiksha's internationalization and actively engage in various communities and activities on a global scale, Undiksha established the Agency of Cooperation and Public Relations.

The Agency of Cooperation and Public Relation has the following roles: (1) assessing and carrying out intensive cooperation with national and overseas partner institutions, (2) providing services for foreign students such as immigration management, campus orientation, and academic consultation since preparation for their arrival at Undiksha until later completing studies, (3) assisting the lecture process and Undiksha students participating in collaboration programs with partner universities abroad, and (4) supporting the development of collaborations for guest lectures and foreign research that will be affiliated with Undiksha.

Contact Us

For getting information and service, please contact us:

The Agency of Cooperation and Public Relations Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
Address: Seminar Hall Undiksha
Jalan Udayana No.11 Singaraja - Bali 81116
Telepon : (0362) – 22570
Faksimile : (0362) – 25735
E-mail :

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Visa & Immigration Services

As a foreign student who plans to study in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, prospective students are required to apply for a visa after receiving an Acceptance Letter from Ganesha Education University. Please note that before applying for a visa, you must obtain a study permit issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Regulations for Entry to Indonesia
Foreign students who must apply to obtain a study permit are those who attend full degree programs, student exchange programs, short course programs, training courses (workshops), and other programs. Indonesian Language Course (BIPA). You can find detailed information on immigration issues on the website of the Government of Indonesia: Directorate General of Immigration
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Indonesian Language and Culture Program

Language Center Undiksha in collaboration with the Planning and Cooperation Section of Undiksha organizes various programs offered to foreign students or foreigners to learn Indonesian and Culture. The main objective is to promote and increase interest in Indonesian language and culture. Balinese culture is the main focus of this program because Undiksha is in Bali.
There are various benefits of Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) such as introducing Indonesian language and culture to foreigners who want to live in Indonesia, helping prospective foreign students to prepare themselves to interact and communicate with Indonesian, both in the classroom or in daily activities day.
For complete information on registration and course fees, please access via the link button below.