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  1. The Library Unit
    The Undiksha’s Library Building is 242 square meters. It has 4,275 titles of books; the collection totals 37.818 copies.
  2. The Information and Telecommunication Unit
    This Unit is located at the Center of Undiksha and functions as the center of information, from which we can obtain the information on the students’ Cumulative Index of Achievement, the courses offered in every semester, e-learning, the course schedule, the hotspot internet, and the on-line registration for the students’ course programs.
  3. Laboratories
    The laboratory building is 5.118 square meters with 70 different units (the biology laboratory, the physics laboratory, the chemistry laboratory, and the language laboratory). They are used to facilitate the students’ learning process and practice their abilities.
  4. Auditorium
    The Undiksha’s Auditorium is highly luxurious and artistically designed; it is completed with a stage with 800 chairs for the graduates on the first floor and 2,000 sitting capacity for the visitors. Graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, theatrical performances, exhibitions, and other large scale activities are held here.
  5. Seminar Room
    It is the room where academic seminars, meetings, and workshops are held. It can accommodate 150 people.
  6. Sports Center
    Undiksha has a football field, a tennis court, basket court, volley ball court, and a badminton court. They facilitate the students to improve their abilities in sports.
  7. Hotspot Internet
    The internet service can be accessed all over the campus.
  8. School Education Laboratories
    Undiksha has one kindergarten laboratory, one elementary school laboratory, one junior high school laboratory, and one senior high school laboratory. They are used to learn and practice by the students and to undertake research by the teaching staff of Undiksha.
  9. Theatre Room
    Theatrical dramas and operas are performed in this room. It is located at the Faculty of Languages and Arts of Undiksha.
  10. Art Studio
    The art studio is used to exhibit the art works such as paintings, handicrafts, and statues. It is located at the Department of Arts and Design, the Faculty of Languages and Arts, Undiksha.
  11. Students’ Dormitory
    A dormitory has been built for the university students and foreign students. It has 88 rooms completed with beds. The view is beautiful and it is not far from the university.
  12. Temple
    It is a place where the teaching and administrative staff and students go to pray.
  13. Counseling
    Counselors are prepared to help the students solve their academic and non-academic problems. They also help the students choose and find jobs. Those who need this service may contact this Unit. Information: (+6281246318813).
  14. Language Service Unit
    The Language Service Unit of the Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha was established in 2012. It runs courses for foreign students, English courses in the beginning of semester for the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the teaching staff. It also undertakes Institutional TOEFL for IIEF Jakarta. In addition, it also translates different types of documents such as abstracts and articles.