Undiksha offers International Student Admission for eligible 27 study programs on Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degree Intake Fall 2023 (September 2023) of Academic Year 2023/2024. Meanwhile, for Master and Doctoral Degree can be also taken on winter (February 2024). Please read the information for each study program with their general and specific requirements. All study programs require you to apply by online application form, and by the relevant deadline. Undiksha gives opportunities for you to experience the uniqueness of Indonesia and the spirit of the different academic environments in Bali. You can choose the programs that suits your current field and your future career.

Application Submission: 1st April 2023 – 31st May 2023

  1. Not receive other funding/allowance/scholarship from Indonesian government
  2. Have adequate English Proficiency (min score TOEFL ITP 500/iBT 61/IELTS 6.0/Duolinggo 100)
  3. Good health condition (with Medical Statement from Hospital or Doctor)
  4. Recommended by Academic Counselor/Headmaster/Professor from previous study
  5. Statement of Purpose or Motivation Letter
  6. Willing to follow the rules and regulations during study in Indonesia


  1. High school graduates or equivalent not more than 2 years ago (2020, 2021, 2022)
  2. The maximum age of the candidates is 25 years old (on 1st July 2023)
  3. Final grade average 7.0/10.0 of the high school academic transcript or equivalent


  1. GPA 3.0/4.0 of the Bachelor degree academic transcript or equivalent
  2. Study Plan and LoA from  Undiksha’s Supervisor
  3. For Master Program of English Language Education applicants, they should have minimum 1 year teaching experience. 
  4. It can be taken on Winter (February 2023)


  1. GPA 3.0/4.0 of the Master degree academic transcript or equivalent
  2. Research Proposal and LoA from Undiksha’s Supervisor
  3. It can be taken on Winter (February 2024)
  1. Soft file Photo (jpg)
  2. Scan of Passport (jpg)
  3. Scan of Written Oath (jpg)
  4. Scan of Financial Statement (jpg)
  5. Scan of Statement Letter to Comply with all Applicable Health Protocols in Indonesia (jpg)
  6. Scan of Letter of Recommendation from Academic Counselor from Previous Study (jpg)
  7. Scan of Letter of Medical Check showing that Not Commit to be Color Blind (jpg)***
  8. Scan of Latest Academic Certificate (jpg)
  9. Scan of Academic Transcript (jpg)
  10. Scan of English Proficiency Test (jpg)
  11. Scan of Covid-19 Vaccine Full Dosages (jpg)
  12. Motivation Letter (jpg/pdf)
  13. Letter of Statement of Not Receiving Funding from Indonesian Government (jpg)
  14.  Study Plan or Research Proposal* (pdf)
  15. Recommendation/LoA from Undiksha’s Supervisor* (jpg)
  16. Statement Letter of 1 year teaching experience issued by the institution** (jpg)


*)For Master and Doctoral Applicants only

**) Only for applicants of Master Program of English Language Education

***) Only for applicants of Study Program of Chemistry and Chemistry Education


  • 1st April 2023Program Announcement

    International Students Admission Announcement
  • 2nd April – 31st May 2023Submission

    Applicants must submit the application through online system provided
  • 1st June – 9th June 2023Administrative Screening

    The first step of selection by checking the administrative requirements
  • 10th June 2023Nomination 1 List Announcement

    The announcement for Nominees who enter academic selection
  • 11th June – 19th June 2023Academic Screening

    The second step of selection by checking academic requirements by related study program
  • 20th June 2023Nomination 2 Announcement

    The Announcement for Nominees who enter Interview Phase
  • 1st July 2023Final Announcement

    Undiksha announces the student candidates who are being chosen to be Undiksha students and Letter of Acceptance will be issued
  • 2nd July – 31st July 2023Students Study Permit and Visa Processing

    Student Candidate will apply for Study Permit and Visa for Entering Indonesia. They must prepare some required documents
  • August 2023Students Arrival and Academic Registration

    Students enter Indonesia, then follow the academic registration and orientation at Undiksha.


As our students, you have an opportunity to get scholarships provided by Undiksha. It will cover:

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Student Dormitory (only for Bachelor Program)
  3. Access to all university's facilities
  4. BIPA Course (Indonesian Language Course for Basic Level)
  5. Balinese Cultural Classes/Workshop
  6. Outing Program








Further Information

  • Seminar Hall Undiksha Jl. Udayana No. 11 Singaraja-Bali Indonesia 8116
  • +62 362 22570
  • kerjasama@undiksha.ac.id
  • https://bkk.undiksha.ac.id


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1. D4 - English for Business and Professional Communication
2. D4 - Hotel Management
3. Japanese Language Education (Bachelor Program)
4. English Language Education (Bachelor Program)
5. Accounting (Bachelor Program)
6. Management (Bachelor Program)
7. Law Science (Bachelor Program)
8. Educational Technology (Bachelor Program)
9. Elementary School Teacher Education (Bachelor Program)
10. Early Childhood Teacher Education (Bachelor Program)
11. Counselling and Guidance (Bachelor Program)
12. Chemistry Education (Bachelor Program)
13. Chemistry (Bachelor Program)
14. Mathematics (Bachelor Program)
15. Mathematics Education (Bachelor Program)
16. Computer Science (Bachelor Program)
17. Information System (Bachelor Program)
18. Informatics Engineering Education (Bachelor Program)
19. Culinary Vocational Education (Bachelor Program)
20. Accounting (Master Program)
21. Management Science (Master Program)
22. Computer Science (Master Program)
23. Nature Science Education (Master Program)
24. English Language Education (Master Program)
25. Mathematics Education (Master Program)
26 English Language Education (Doctoral Program)
27. Educational Science (Doctoral Program)