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Balinese Language Education


Becoming anexcellent study program in education of the Balinese language, literature and culture based on the philosophy of Tri HitaKarna


  1. Undertaking the Balinese language education, literature and culture to produce graduates who are pious to Almighty God so that they can use what they learn to support their families, societies and State.
  2. Conducting research and social services in the Balinese language, literature and culture which then can be used to develop the Balinese language, literature and culture and settle the problems related to their families, societies and States.


  1. Producing academicians the Balinese language education who are loyal and highly appreciate the values which Pancasila (Five Principles) contains, have academic competence, and strongly hold the professional ethics.
  2. Undertaking teaching and conducting research in the Balinese language, implementing the teaching and research results to develop the educational world and society.
  3. Undertaking research and social services in the Balinese language, literature and culture to develop the development the science of the Balinese language,literature and culture, and making use the research results for settling the matters pertaining to family life, society and State.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Balinese Language Teachers
    Teachers, facilitators, and instructors of the Balinese language, literature, and culture who master pedagogy well, and are able to use technology of information as required by the era.
  2. Balinese Language Researchers
    Being able to find out problems, describe and interpret the research findings in the Balinese language, literature and culture, and publish scientific journals in various scientific forums.
  3. Experts in Writing the Balinese Language
    Being able to write fiction/non-fiction stories, textbooks, and news in the Balinese language, write on palm leaves, use the Simbar Balinese program, and write literary works using the Balinese language, literature and culture as the source.
  4. Translators of the Balinese Language and Transliterators of the Balinese Characters
    Being translators of the Old Javanese texts into the Balinese language and Indonesian language and vice versa.
  5. Experts in Providing Illumination and Balinese Language Presenters
    Being able to give illumination and become the Balinese language presenters.
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