28 January 2024

Towards PTN-BH, Undiksha Strengthens Asset Management and Public Information

Singaraja-Ganesha Education University has established itself to transform from a Public Service Agency State University (PTN-BLU) to a Legal Entity […]
15 January 2024

Series of 31st Anniversary, Undiksha Inaugurates 7 Professors

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) inaugurated seven series of professors with its 31st Anniversary, Monday (15/1/2024). The professors consist […]
30 November 2023

Undiksha Holds 72nd Graduation Ceremony, Graduates Are Invited to Continue Improving Competence

Singaraja- Ganesha Education University (Undiksha) held its 72nd graduation ceremony, on Thursday (30/11/2023). Graduates from various levels and study programs […]
29 November 2023

Undiksha Inaugurates Six Professors, Demonstrates Commitment to Supporting Sustainable Academic Excellence

Singaraja-Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) appointed six professors or professors, Wednesday (29/11/2023). The inauguration was carried out by the Chancellor […]
26 October 2023

Through PKM Research, Undiksha Students Find Effective Methods for Detecting Blastocystis Hominis in Diarrhea Patients

Diarrhea is a condition that can cause sufferers to experience increased defecation activity at least three times a day with […]
10 October 2023

PKM-PM Undiksha: Support Autistic Children Learning Mathematics Through Pop-Up Mathematics Book Media based on Mixed Reality

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) students also contribute to the world of education through creative ideas to make learning […]
6 October 2023

PKM-PM Undiksha: Increase Balinese Literacy for Blind Students with “Reaction”

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) students are paying attention to efforts to increase Balinese literacy for blind students. Through […]
5 October 2023

PKM Undiksha: Optimizing Sports Learning in Elementary Schools Through Integrated “Augmented Reality” Books

Singaraja- In order to support the skills aspect of Physical Education, Sports, and Health (PJOK) learning, classroom learning is needed […]
19 September 2023

Implementing MBKM, Undiksha Invites 1,500 Students to Take Internships

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) through the Quality Assurance and Learning Development Institute (LPMPP) is again deploying thousands of […]