10 November 2023

Undiksha Holds National Petanque Championship Again, Chancellor Prepares “Rewards” for Champions

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) is again holding the National Petanque Championship. This second championship, hosted by the Petanque […]
10 October 2023

PKM-PM Undiksha: Support Autistic Children Learning Mathematics Through Pop-Up Mathematics Book Media based on Mixed Reality

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) students also contribute to the world of education through creative ideas to make learning […]
9 October 2023

PKM-PM Undiksha: Bangun Keterampilan Bermain Musik Gender Bali bagi Penyandang Tunanetra dengan Media “Audiobook”

Ganesha Education University students provide knowledge on strengthening the potential of blind people in playing Balinese gender musical instruments. This […]