10 December 2022

UKMPPG KI Batch I 2022, The Pass Rate of Undiksha Exceed the National Average

Badung- Teacher Professional Education Student Competency Test or Uji Kompetensi Mahasiswa Pendidikan Profesi Guru (UKMPPG) in-Position category I (KI) Phase I has […]
23 November 2022

Realizing Effective and Efficient Services, Undiksha Optimizes the Application of e-Office and Electronic Signature

Singaraja- Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha optimizes e-Office and Electronic Signature implementation. This is an effort to realize a more effective and […]
17 November 2022

PBL Development, Software Engineering Study Program, Undiksha Collaborates with Practitioners and DUDI or World of Business and Industry

Denpasar: TRPL or Undiksha Software Engineering Technology Study Program held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the World of Bussiness and […]
16 November 2022

Kampus Merdeka Fair at Undiksha, encourage university to implement independent MBKM program

Singaraja- Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) was the last location for the Kampus Merdeka Fair roadshow. This event was held on Wednesday (16/11/2022). This […]