the 2021 Bangkok IPITEx, Undiksha Teams Won Six Medals

Mahasiswa Undiksha, I Wayan Widnyana (paling kiri), Ni Wayan Dian Yusmara Yanti (dua dari kiri), Putu Vijanitha Satha (tiga dari kiri), Ni Luh Ayu Suandewi (tiga dari kanan), Ni Putu Ayu Yuli Sumadianti (dua dari kanan), Gede Gery Apriliana Putra (paling kanan) yang ikut serta dalam ajang IPITEx 2021.

Singaraja – Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) students created new achievements at an international event. It came from the 2021 Bangkok Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exposition (IPITEx) event. On its announcement, 3rd of May 2021, Undiksha teams won six medals.

In this annual event, there are six teams representing Undiksha. The first team was the Eco Paving Block which consisted of 3 members, namely Gede Gery Apriliana Putra (Chemistry Study Program), I Putu Raka Nata (Physics Education Study Program), and Ni Komang Sarini Dewi (English Language Education). This team was accompanied by Dr. I Dewa Ketut Sastrawidana, M.Si. Eco Paving Block was an environmentally friendly product made from plastic waste aggregate material and rice husk waste. This product won a silver medal.

The second team, namely Helen Cosmetics, consisting of Gede Gery Apriliana Putra (Chemistry Study Program), Ronia Apriani (Chemistry Study Program), Made Irma Meliana Dewi (Chemistry Study Program), Ni Luh Ayu Suandewi (English Education Study Program), Ni Putu Ayu Yuli Sumadianti (Accounting Study Program), and Putu Vijanitha Satha (Accounting Study Program). This team was accompanied by Dr. I Nyoman Tika M.Si. Helen Cosmetics products were organic and environmentally friendly skincare products made from prayer waste, restaurant waste, and agricultural waste. This product had won a bronze medal.

The third team was Le Lac Coffee. This team consisted of 5 people, namely Ketut Widya Astuti (English Education Study Program), Gede Gery Apriliana Putra (Chemistry Study Program), Ronia Apriani (Chemistry Study Program), I Wayan Widnyana (Management Study Program), and Ni Wayan Dian Yusmara Yanti (Accounting Study Program). This team was accompanied by Dr. I Nyoman Tika M.Si. Le Lac Coffee products, was civet coffee made from local coffee beans in Wanagiri Village with creative, innovative and environmentally friendly fermentation technology using local isolate bacteria and from the civet intestine. Through this technology, the process of civet coffee production was faster, production capacity increases, production costs were low because there was no need for civet cultivation, and the civet animal remains sustainable in the wild. This product won a silver medal.

The fourth team consisted of I Wayan Mahaksa Kumaratungga, Putu Gede Semara Putra, Cantika Oktariza Dewi, and Putu Wina Maharani. These students from the Faculty of Medicine presented the invention “BRIANA: Advance Detection and Image Enhancement for Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning”. This invention used artificial intelligence or AI methods to detect the presence of breast cancer cells in a connective tissue after a biopsy or what was often called breast cancer histopathology. This invention helped the medical team to search for cancer cells in connective tissue using AI as a “partner” in the work of clinical pathologists. This invention successfully won a gold medal.

The fifth team consisted of I Bagus Ngurah Alit Putra Wiryawan, Ni Made Radha Jiwantini, I Putu Albert Purnama Putra, I Wayan Arnata, and Cokorda Gde Krisparinama. This team presented the invention “Cellbrator: Lithium-Ion Batteries Separator from Solid Waste Algae Eucheuma Cottonii”. This invention successfully won a gold medal.

The sixth team, consisting of Dimas Fadhilah Aprilian Santoso, Ficky ​​Amalia, Ni Komang Aprilia Enisari, Ni Komang Sarini Dewi, Ni Made Sania Indri Wahyuni, Putu Adi Sumariawan, and Sugeng Santoso. The invention featured was “Poc Loh Gending: An Agrochemistry Solution for the Sustainable Indonesian Food Sovereignty”. This invention won a bronze medal.

One of the team members, Gery Apriliana Putra, said that their participation in this event began with the sending of inventions from December 2020 to January 2021. After going through a number of stages, the results were announced on May 3, 2021. He said on small interview counducted , Tuesday (4/5/2021), “Participants in this event come from various countries in Asia and Europe. More than 10 countries”.

He continued, this achievement was an honor because it can bring Undiksha and Indonesia in the international arena. “My personal expectation is, there will be more Undiksha students will achieve their highest achievement in the national and international arena,”. Meanwhile, Mahaksa Kumaratungga hope that the inventions that are included in the event can be developed and got further attention from the university and other related parties.

Vice-Rector III Undiksha for Student, Alumni, and Public Relations Affairs, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Suastra, M.Pd., gave his appreciation to these students for winning achievement in the 2021 IPITEx event. He said, “In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Undiksha students are still enthusiastic to get new international achievement. This is an extraordinary achievement”. He further stated that this achievement is not only important to improve student competitiveness, but also universities, both at national and international levels. “

Undiksha was concerned on improving student achievement. To be participated in competitions, students must be strictly selected. It was expected that the entire academic community will always support this program. In addition to this achievement in this event, Suastra added that Undiksha also continued to increase the number of entrepreneurial students to be able to build new start-ups. (PR)

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