Undiksha Sent Sixteen Athletes for Pomnas (National Students Sports) 2017

Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) Singaraja again donated 16 of its athletes to attend the National Student Sports Week (POMNas) XV, which was held in Makassar, South Sulawesi on Saturday (14/10) until Saturday (21/10). The thousand windows university students fought along with a number of athletes from other colleges.

The Rector  of Undiksha, I Nyoman Jampel said “16 Undiksha athletes are sent to join POMNas will compete in five sports, namely, martial arts, karate, balls, athletics and tennis courts.”

Jampel admitted that he was proud to send his athletes in the name of Bali in this prestigious event. Those athletes were  the university students who are majoring sports and have often achieved good achievements in the national and international arena.

“In terms of sports I think Undiksha is no doubt. Sport is one of the things to encourage the character of students and we think people have recognized that our graduates have a strong character in competition, ” he said.

Jampel also affirmed that Undiksha always gave space to all students to spur themselves, to participate in various races both regional level,  Asia, and the world. The team also always provides the widest space for students in achieving the dream in sport.

“My message to our athletes is they should always have the characteristics of  the Lord Ganesha as name of college.  Ganesha is a God with a strong character, intelligent and resilient. Turn as much ability as possible. Bring the good name of Undiksha especially Bali, ” he said.

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