Undiksha Collaborates with KMHDI to Supports Education and Community Empowerment Programs

Wakil Rektor Bidang Kemahasiswaan, Alumni, dan Hubungan Masyarakat Undiksha, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Suastra, M.Pd., menerima audiensi KMHD Buleleng, Kamis (20/5/2021)

Singaraja – Vice Rector Undiksha for Student, Alumni, and Public Relations affairs, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Suastra, M.Pd., welcomed an audience from the Hindu Dharma Indonesia Student Association (KMHDI) Buleleng, Thursday (20/5/2021). In this meeting, KMHDI asked for support from Undiksha in actualizing programs by new management of KMHDI.

The leader of KMHDI Buleleng, Ni Luh Sinta Yani, explained that the planned programs were related to education and community empowerment. According to her, these two programs needed serious attention. For this reason, Undiksha as one of the academic institutions in Buleleng Regency was expected to collaborate to support these programs. As she explained, “We want having collaboration with Undiksha, such as activities that focus on education.” In addition, KMHDI wanted to socialize the KMHDI to Undiksha Hindu students. “We hope that more Undiksha Hindu students willing to join KMHDI.”

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector Prof. Suastra supported these collaborative activities that aimed to improve the quality of human resources. On this occasion, he expected that KMHDI Buleleng could participate in overcoming problems in Buleleng society. “Currently, there are still many children who have difficulty in paying for education tuition fee. This problem needs to be solve, meanwhile, there is KIPK program or scholarship for underprivileged university students, which many people still don’t know about. Therefore, KMHDI can help to socialize it.”

Suastra also gave suggestions that the program implemented was not only for ceremonial purposes, but also had clear objectives and was able to provide benefits for society. he stated, “The students’ programs at Undiksha are related directly for the community. As examples, there are kitchen renovation program, tree plantation, share and care program as University’s dharma (duty).” (PR)

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