Rector: “The graduate of Undiksha are ready for the global competition”

The rector of Ganesha University of Education Singaraja, Bali, Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd. stated that the graduate of Undiksha are absolutely ready for facing today’s global competition.

“I often consult with several functionaries and businessmen which accept our graduate to work in their company/business. They said that our graduate have good character and competency in their own expertise, “said the rector in Singaraja, Bali on Monday.

On his point of view, the most important point which made the graduate known ready to work is that the characters. They are integrity, hardworking, and the capacity to compete globally.

Moreover, the graduate of Undiksha were known by their creativity and good attitude compared with the other university graduate.

In addition, Undiksha as the education university emphasized on the morality as well as focused on the academic achievement.

“The other phenomena usually seen are lots of company often recruit the graduate and place them in different expertise. When I asked the owner why, the answer was about the good character not only the expertise,” he explained.

Jampel appraised this as the university’s strength as the result of character education which has been successfully educating the graduate to be ready to work whenever and wherever they are.

This success could not be separated with the vision of Undiksha which becomes an excellent university in 2045 in Asia based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana (three reasons for prosperity).

“The good thing from us is to bring the Tri Hita Karana or a harmonious relationship between human being and God, human being and the other human being, and human being and environment as the basic foundation in facing the globalization. This vision should be understood by all of the students and followed by the implementation both before and after the study,” he described.

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