LXIV Graduation Ceremony, Undiksha Encourages Graduates to Be Ready to Compete in the Global Era

Undiksha menggelar wisuda ke-LXIV, JUmat (26/3/2021)

Singaraja – Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) held the LXIV graduation ceremony, online and offline, Friday (26/3/2021). This graduation ceremony presented 618 graduates from the Faculty of Language and Arts, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Vocational Sciences, and Postgraduate Programs. The graduates consisted of 5 graduates from the Doctoral program, 71 graduates from the Master program, 525 from the Undergraduate program, and 17 graduates from the Diploma III program.

The graduation ceremony which took place at the Undiksha Auditorium strictly implemented the Covid-19 prevention protocol. Offline graduates were required to wash their hands, use masker or face shield, use hand sanitizers and check their body temperature before entering the room and also keep the social and physical distancing. Undiksha also did not allow the graduates’ parents to be in the auditorium or campus area during the graduation procession. This was to anticipate the crowd.

Undiksha Rector, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd., asked all graduates and their families understanding because graduation could not run normally. However, it was not diminish graduation meaning and its pride. Jampel stated that, he expected that the graduates, as new graduates, could be adaptive to change. In addition, they were also expected to become qualified and competitive Human Resources (HR) in the current era of globalization. His hope was in line with Undiksha’s motto “Dharmaning sajjana umerdhyaken widyaguna”, that is, the duty of a educated people is to develop knowledge and character. Jampel said, “We cannot predict the type of work in the future. Therefore, we must be agile which means, we can quickly adapt to the situation at that time. Suppose that, in the era of technology, we must be able to take advantage of technology”.

He gave his high appreciation to the students’ persistence in completing their study. This positive achievement became one aspects to support Undiksha in achieving its vision becoming an excellent university based on Tri Hita Karana philosophy in Asia in 2045. He said, “I am proud of you all. I hope your knowledge can be implemented for human life and the society”.

Appreciation also went to professors and lecturers as their guidance for the students and brought them to this special event. In this graduation ceremony, there were 4 graduates got awards for their highest achievement in university level. They are Dr. I Made Citra Wibawa., Study Program of Elementary Education, Doctoral Program, GPA: 3.69, study period 6 years 11 months, predicate: Very Satisfying; Ni Kadek Ayu Risnawati, M.Pd., Study Program of Educational Research and Evaluation, Masters Program, GPA: 3.88, study period 2 years 6 months, predicate: Cumlaude; Ni Luh Putu Sri Murdiani, S.Pd., Study Program  of English Language Education, Undergraduate Progam, GPA: 3.96, study period 3 years 6 months, predicate: Cumlaude; and Kadek Novi Kumala Pratiwi, A.Md., Study Program of Visual Communication Design, Diploma III Program, GPA: 3.81, 3 years 5 months study period, predicate: Very Satisfactory. (PR)

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