Perum Lembaga Berita Berita Nasional (LKBN) Antara Bali strengthened its cooperation with Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) Singaraja, Bali, in the field of information dissemination for education of the society in the Island of the Gods.

“Undiksha is one of the leading universities in the eastern part of Indonesia and we have been working with LKBN Antara for quite some time,” said Undiksha’s Rector, I Nyoman Jampel in Singaraja, Thursday (25/1/2018).

He welcomed the cooperation that has been established so far and hoped LKBN Antara as BUMN engaging in the field of information and communication to be still consistent in reporting educative and beneficial things for the society.

According to Jampel, cooperation with Antara provided many benefits in the future development of Undiksha. Information from LKBN Antara was not only disseminated in the scope of the island of thousand Gods, but also to the entire archipelago, even abroad.

In addition, the consistency of Antara also deserved an appreciation by maintaining the news accuracy compared with the news speed that was sometimes less accurate.

“In the future we will continue improving the cooperation because in the future we want to speak in a broader scope, that is, international. Not only in the national level, “said Jampel.

Meanwhile, Head of Perum LKBN Antara Bali, Edy M. Yakub, said that the education field in the island of thousand Gods is considered quite potential, especially Undiksha is one of the largest universities in ​​Bali.

Edy explained that the great potential had to be continuously improved in the field of publication so that it could be developed more significantly and the public also got direct benefits in education, since the campus had to remain consistent in enlightening the society.

“Undiksha has quite a lot of educational experts. It is certainly very beneficial, especially the central and local governments are currently `getol` encouraging the improvement of the education quality in the country,” said Edy.

In terms of regional development, he believed that Undiksha could also play an important role in various sectors development. Not only in education, but also in economics, tourism, and marine.

“So the experts and academia in Undiksha must be publicized more frequently so that the society is more educated. This is in line with the vision of Antara as a news agency that focuses on supporting regional potentials, emphasizing information that educates, enlightens, edifies and nationalism, “explained Edy.