Celebrating the 28th Anniversary, Undiksha Invites the Academic Community to Work for Advanced Indonesia

Pembukaan Dies Natalis ke-28 Undiksha, Jumat (28/1/2020). Pembukaan yang berlangsung sederhana ditandai dengan pelepasan burung.

Singaraja- Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) celebrates its 28th Anniversary. The opening ceremony was held on Friday (8/1/2021), which opened a series of activities from January 8 – 17, 2021. This moment is expected to increase the enthusiasm of the academic community to work for advanced Indonesia and accelerate the realization of Undiksha’s vision.

This opening ceremony was carried out more simply than before. Usually, students had the opportunity to present a culture parade by each faculty. However, to anticipate the crowd, the activity was eradicated. In addition, in this even also strictly applies the Covid-19 prevention protocol. Likewise, competitions such as scientific competitions, sports competitions and cultural arts competitions are conducted online.

The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. dr. Made Budiawan, S.Ked., M.Kes., AIFO., conveyed that the anniversary had the theme “Undiksha works for Advanced Indonesia”. With the hope that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, which raises doubts, creates uncertainty and fear, the academic community will be able to maintain the enthusiasm to continue working. “With these conditions, almost all activities are carried out online, including scientific, sports and arts competitions. Although there are several activities that we do in blended activities, such as this opening ceremony. This opening ceremony also can be watched by the academic community through the Live YouTube channel, “he explained.

He further explained that the main event will be held on January 16, 2021, namely the Undiksha Senate Plenary Session, and on January 17, 2021 we plan to perform students’ art events online. He reiterated all of the activities is conducted with the Covid-19 prevention protocol. “Of course the health protocol is our main concern. And that is a must, “he added.

Meanwhile, Undiksha Rector, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd, invited the academic community to make this Anniversary as a moment to evaluate activity plans and programs and the achievements in 2020. He said, “By looking at what we have achieved, we can plan for a better achievement for next years”.  In 2021, Undiksha prepares itself to be an International Reputable University in Education and Leadership (IRUEL) with the support of all programs from the faculties and unit levels.

He further stated that the program should be able to accelerate the realization of Undiksha’s vision to become an excellent university based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana in Asia in 2045. The program that is designed must be supported by togetherness in the frame of harmony. “I’m sure Undiksha can reach it earlier. My target is in 2035 we have become a leading university based on the Tri Hita Karana philosophy in Asia”.

On that occasion, Jampel specifically invited the academic community to continue moving forward, implementing the Tri Dharma (three duties) of Higher Education even though the world was being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, it is hoped that the academic community will always be in good health. (pr)

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