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General and Administration Division

General and Administration Division is in-charge of carrying out administrative affairs, housekeeping, management of state property, law, organization, and administration. While carrying out their duties, General and Management Division carries out the following functions:

  1. Implementation of administrative affairs.
  2. Implementation of household affairs.
  3. Implementation of state property management.
  4. Implementation of legislation and legal services arragement.
  5. Implementation of organizational affairs and management.

General and Management Division consists of:

  1. Administrative and Household Subdivision which is in-charge of carrying out correspondence, archives, protocols, and leaders services as well as matters of security, order, cleanliness, and landscaping as well as regulating the usage, and maintenance of office facilities and other household matters.
  2. State Property Subdivision which is in-charge of planning needs, procurement, storage, distribution, inventory, and elimination of state property.
  3. Legal and Administration Subdivision which is in-charge of preparing legislation and legal services as well as organizational and administrative affairs.

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