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Undergraduate Admissions


SNMPTN is national selection admission implemented by Executive Committee of SNMPTN that established by Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture and applied by all of Indonesia State Universities in one integrated system. SNMPTN implementation costs borne by Government, so participants do not charged the registration fee. Along with Government's program of Bidikmisi, participants from disadvantaged economically families and have high academic achievement through SNMPTN can participate in selection and if accepted in State University will get a scholarship during standard period of study.


SBMPTN is a selection conducted by PTN jointly under the coordination of the Central Committee with a selection based on the results of written test in the form of print (Paper Based Testing) or using a computer (Computer Based Testing), or a combination of written exam results and student skills test. Financing the implementation of SBMPTN is charged to the selection participants and the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. SBMPTN participants from economically disadvantaged families with high academic achievement can participate in SBMPTN without being burdened but financed through Bidikmisi's tuition fee. SBMPTN information includes: general terms and conditions, procedure for payment of selection fee, registration procedure, implementation schedule, and number of State Universities and study programs.

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