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Tourism Sports Coaching


Becoming anexcellent program study in regard to quality which can produce globalism-oriented and the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana-based tourism sports coaching.


  1. Undertaking vocational education in tourism sports coaching through the quality and globalism-oriented learning process.
  2. Undertaking social services in tourism sports training through the quality implementation of science and technology;
  3. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation with other universities, related institutions and the business and industrial world in tourism sports training.


  1. Producing graduates with integrity, value and attitude, knowledge, intelligence, skill and capability as instructors, managers, and tourism sports guides;
  2. Producing independent graduates as instructors, managers and tourism sports guides who are sensitive to the development of science and technology in tourism sports coaching;
  3. Producing graduates who are able to work as professional instructors, managers, and tourism sports guides ;
  4. Producing graduates who are able to observe and analyze the existing phenomenon and to implement science and technology as instructors, managers, and tourism sports guides;
  5. Producing graduates who are competitive enough in sports training as instructors, managers and tourism sports guides.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Tourism Sports Instructors
    Being competitive enough as instructors in tourism sports coaching; being persistent in their profession; being able to plan coaching activities, carry out and evaluate the tourism sports coaching program.
  2. Managers of Tourism Sports Activities
    Being professional and managerially competent enough in managing tourism sports activities; being able to manage, control, supervise, and evaluate every tourism sports activity.
  3. Sports Guides
    Being professional and competent enough in leading every activity of tourism sports; being able to communicate, interact, and create tourism sports coaching program comprehensively.