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Physics Education


Becoming anexcellent study program which develops science and technology in physics education based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana


  1. Undertaking humanistic, innovative and creative learning sustainably in order to educate the productive perspective teachers and researchers with good character;
  2. Conducting research in physics which can develop science and technology and contribute to the people’s prosperity.
  3. Undertaking social services in the form of the proportional implementation of science and technology which is adjusted to the people’s needs.


  1. Improving the quality of human resources that can educate the perspective researchers and teachers and produce quality academic studies in education.
  2. Improving and developing the laboratory infrastructure and facilities which can support the learning process, research and social services.
  3. Creating the conducive, creative and innovative academic atmosphere which can support productivity and motivation to work for the Study Program of Physics Education of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  4. Improving the performance of the Study Program of Physics Education of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Ganesha University of Education, in the forms of educational services, training, competition, application of the research results, vocational and educational programs, and continued educational programs.
  5. Creating and improving the profession and service supporting cooperation and partnership with national and international institutions.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Teachers of Physics
    Becoming professional teachers with high pedagogic capability and science in physics education with acceptable, critical, creative, innovative, inspiring, interactive, challenging, and pleasant personal and social competences.
  2. Researchers in Education of Physics
    Becoming researchers in education and learning of physics who can write mini thesis and conduct preliminary research based on the scientific and logical way of thinking in the framework of searching and finding out any alternative proportional and pleasant solution to any problem.
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