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Sociology Education


Becnoming a excellent program study in 2020 in the development of knowledge and technology in sociology education based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana


  1. Undertaking education and teaching in order to produce high quality human resources in sociology education who can work as social workers and planners.
  2. Conducting research in order to develop and implement science and technology in education, social and humanistic sciences.
  3. Undertaking social services as the implementation of knowledge and technology in order to increase the contribution made by the Study Program of Sociology to the people’s prosperity.
  4. Creating mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, the world and business world in education and teaching, research and social services, scientific publication, and apprenticeship.


  1. Producing high quality human resources in sociology education, research in education, and learning and social-humanistic sciences, and social planners and workers.
  2. Producing high quality human researchers in education, learning and social-humanistic sciences.
  3. Increasing the contribution made by the Study Program of Sociology Education to the people’s prosperity.
  4. Strengthening professional, pedagogical, and social competences in order to develop the study program and stakeholders.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Teachers of Sociology for Senior High School/Madrasah (Islamic School), Vocational High School and Teachers of Social Sciences for Junior High School
    Becoming professional teachers with pedagogical and scientific capabilities in sociology education; being able to manage the creative, inspiring, innovative, motivating, challenging and pleasant learning process.
  2. Researchers in education and learning, social and humanistic sciences
    Being able to conduct preliminary research in sociology education and learning using the scientific and logical way of thinking in order to find out any alternative solution to any problem.
  3. Social Planners
    Mastering theoretical basic concept in the fields of social policies, social developmental and strategic management, community developmental management, and social modeling.

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