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Geography Education


  1. Undertaking education and learning in order to produce high quality human resources in geography education;
  2. Conducting research in order to develop and implement science and technology in geography education;
  3. Undertaking social services as the implementation of science and technology in the framework of increasing the contribution made by the Study Program of Geography Education to the people’s prosperity;
  4. Making the study program accountable and transparent in order to guarantee the sustainable improvement of quality; and
  5. Creating mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities and related institutions in geography education based on the Memorandum of Understanding made by Ganesha University of Education with them.


  1. Producing independent and intelligent graduates of geography education with a good character who can develop themselves professionally;
  2. Producing excellent and creative scientific works in geography education;
  3. Undertaking social services through the implementation of geography education in order to produce welfare, productive and independent society;
  4. Producing efficient and effective performance so that TridharmaPerguruanTinggi (teaching, research and social service) can be sustainably implemented.
  5. Creating beneficially benefitting relationships in the framework of improving the quality of the institution and graduates, and implementing geography education.

Profile of Graduates

  1. High School Geography Teachers
    Mastering geographical concepts and being able to develop and implement them professionally in the learning process; being responsible and having a Pancasila-based moral.
  2. Researchers Supporting Geography Teachers
    Mastering the research method and technique needed in geography (education) research to support the geography teachers; being responsible, having personality and a Pancasila-based moral.
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