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Diploma Three Program in Accounting


Becoming an excellent study program which develops accounting and quality of human resources in accounting


  1. Undertaking education in order to produce intelligent and highly competitive human resources with a good moral.
  2. Being motivated to conduct research in accounting using the multi-perspective approach nationally and internationally recognized.
  3. Giving contribution in the form of the accounting-related ideas to society.
  4. Creating academic cooperation with national and foreign study programs of the same type which is useful to the institution and society.


  1. Producing locally and nationally competitive graduates
  2. Producing graduates with ethics and a good moral
  3. Producing quality scientific works which can be published in the national and international journals.
  4. Being able to give theoretical and applicative contributions to society in accounting
  5. Creating mutually benefitting cooperation with society, the government, professional organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Professional Experts
    Understanding the business scope and organization and being able to develop the technology-based informational system.
  2. Researchers in Accounting
    Understanding the theoretical and methodological aspects of accounting and highly appreciating the moral value in the development of science.

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