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Accounting (Undergraduate Program)


Becoming the excellent center and reference of the development of quality, highly competitive professional human resources with the spirit of entrepreneurship in accounting based on Tri Hita Karana


  1. Undertaking vocational program in order to produce high quality human resources in accounting.
  2. Conducting research to develop science and technology, and /or arts in accounting.
  3. Undertaking social services as the implementation of science and technology in the framework of increasing the contribution made by the Study Program of Accounting to the people’s prosperity.
  4. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, the business and industrial world in accounting.
  5. Developing the spirit of independent entrepreneurship through training and workshop activities.


  1. Producing associate accountants or associate professional and qualified experts in accounting: having the knowledge and skill needed to perform practical jobs in accounting based on the general concepts.
  2. Producing academic studies in the environment-oriented and local wisdom-based accounting.
  3. Producing associate technicians/accountants, associate managers in accounting, designers of accounting system, independent entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the people’s prosperity.
  4. Creating good cooperation and partnership with the governmental institutions, the business and industrial world or other institutions in order to improve the quality of graduates.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Technicians/Accountants
    Being able to master the theoretical concepts of accounting and having the ability to complete the wide scope jobs in accounting as the implementation by choosing the standard and non-standard methods and analyzing the related data.
  2. Associate Managers in Accounting
    Being able to master the accounting theoretical concepts and to evaluate and supervise what is achieved in the accounting-related jobs including their responsibilities as members and/or group leaders.
  3. Accounting System Designers
    Being able to master the concepts of the accounting informational system, the internal controlling system in different entities, and being able to make use of the technological development in the preparation of financial statement including the use of the accounting software.
  4. Entrepreneurs
    Being able to master the marketing concept and the managerial management and to design the establishment of an enterprise in the form of the business feasibility study which includes: the legal aspect, technical aspect, marketing aspect, managerial aspect, and financial aspect.
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