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Mechanical Engineering Education


Becoming an Excellent Study Program in Mechanical Engineering Education based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana


  1. Undertaking Mechanical Engineering education and learning in order to produce quality and highly competitive human resources based on the philosophy of TriHita Karana.
  2. Conducting research and implementing scientific findings in the framework of developing science and technology.
  3. Undertaking social services which are based on the people’s economic growth -oriented research.
  4. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, and the business and industrial world in Mechanical Engineering Education.


  1. Producing quality, professional, and pious graduates with integrity, value and attitude, knowledge, intelligence, skill and capability as teachers, researchers and experts in Informatics Engineering.
  2. Producing environment-oriented and local wisdom-based academic studies in Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Producing teachers, researchers, and experts in Mechanical Engineering to improve the people’s prosperity.
  4. Expanding good cooperation and partnership with the governmental institutions, business world or other institutions in order to improve the quality of graduates.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Education
    Being able to design, carry out and evaluate the scientific, innovative, challenging, motivating and pleasant curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular learning process using different learning media, science and technology-based learning media, and the local environmental potentials in accordance with the process and quality standard.
  2. Researchers
    Being able to conduct preliminary research using the logical way of thinking in order to give any alternative solution to any problem related to the applied science in mechanical engineering education, and to formulate the settlement of procedural problems in mechanical engineering education.
  3. Junior Experts in Mechanical Engineering
    Being able to do a wide scope of employment related to the applied mechanical engineering, welding, construction and air-conditioning using the suitable method among the standardized and unstandardized choices by analyzing the related data.