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Management of Informatics


Becoming a Study Program which can develop science and technology in the technology of informatics and produce quality and highly competitive graduates based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.


  1. Undertaking education and teaching to produce high quality human resources in the technology of informatics who can fulfill the standard of feasibility in accordance with what is required by the job market.
  2. Undertaking social services, implementing the research results in the technology of information to different related parties.
  3. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, and the industrial and business world in the technology of information.


  1. Producing quality and pious programmers, Data-base Administrators, Network Technicians, Graphic Design and Multimedia Designers with integrity, value and attitude, knowledge, intelligence and skill.
  2. Producing environment and local wisdom-academic studies.
  3. Producing programmers, Data-base Administrators, Network Technicians, and Graphic and Multimedia Designers for the people’s development and prosperity.
  4. Expanding good cooperation and partnership with the governmental institutions and the industrial and business world in order to produce better quality graduates.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Programmers
    Being able to design, prepare, examine, evaluate, create business roles and prepare the sources supporting system so that the organizational business problems can be settled efficiently and effectively through the assistance of the system of information. Such graduates are usually employed at the software house of the technology of information department of a company.
  2. Database Administrators
    Being able to design, obtain, maintain, update, manage and analyze the data basis.
  3. Technicians
    As the technicians of network, the graduates can design, configure, install, maintain, and supervise the computer network, and detect any damage and obstacle in it.
  4. Graphic and Multimedia Designers
    As the graphic and multimedia designers, the graduates are able to design and create products of digital media, interactive media, and to manipulate the multimedia components such as pictures, sounds, and videos.

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