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Electrical Engineering


Becoming anexcellent Study Program which develops Science and Technology in Diploma Three of Electrical Engineering based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana


  1. Undertaking education and teaching in order to produce high quality human resources in Diploma Three of Electrical Engineering;
  2. Conducting research in order to develop and implement science and technology in Diploma Three in Electrical Engineering;
  3. Undertaking social services as the implementation of science and technology in the framework of improving the contribution made by the Study Program of Electrical Engineering to the people’s prosperity;
  4. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, and the business and industrial world in Diploma Three in Electrical Engineering.


  1. Producing professional, pious and quality graduates with integrity, value and attitude, intelligence, skill and capability as Electronic Technicians and Entrepreneurs in electronic and electrical tools.
  2. Producing the environment-oriented and local wisdom-based academic studies in informatics.
  3. Producing Electrical Technicians and Entrepreneurs in electrical and electronic tools.
  4. Expanding mutually benefitting good cooperation and partnership with the governmental institutions, the business world and other institutions.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Technicians/Analysts
    Mastering the theoretical and practical concepts of electrical and electronic components.
  2. Entrepreneurs
    Being able to expand the business partnership related to the electrical and electronic field in accordance with the business ethics.

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