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Electrical Engineering Education


Becoming anexcellent department of education of informatics engineering which can develop science and technology of informatics based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.


  1. Undertaking education and teaching in order to produce highly quality human resources in Electrical Engineering Education;
  2. Conducting research in order to develop and implement science and technology in Electrical Engineering Education;
  3. Undertaking social services as the implementation of science and technology in order to increase the contribution made by the Study Program of Electrical Engineering Education to the people’s prosperity;
  4. Expanding mutually benefiting cooperation and partnership with other universities, related institutions, and the industrial and business world in Electrical Engineering Education.


  1. Producing quality graduates with integrity, value and attitude, knowledge, skill and capability in Electrical Engineering;
  2. Producing academic studies in the environmentally-oriented and local wisdom-based Electrical Engineering;
  3. Producing teachers, researchers, and expertsin Electrical Engineering who can contribute to the people’s prosperity.
  4. Expanding mutually benefitting cooperation and partnership with the governmental institutions and the business and industrial world in order to improve the quality of graduates.

Profile of Graduates

  1. Teachers
    Understanding the principle and way of learning and its implication on the learning process, being able to develop educational professionalism, the concept of evaluation, and the media used, and being skilled in undertaking the educational/learning process in Electrical Engineering Education;
  2. Researchers
    Understanding the research procedure or method, being able to formulate the research process, variables, and paradigm, and being able to determine population and sample based on the paradigm or types of the research conducted and the technique of data analysis, and to formulate the research proposal in education based on the existing educational problems in general and in Education of Electrical Engineering in particular.
  3. Experts
    Becoming experts who master science and technology in Electrical Engineering Education and are able to apply them professionally to daily life based on what is needed by people and the national development, describe technically the concepts of Electrical Engineering Education, develop and adapt themselves actively to whatever changes which appear, and solve various problems related to Electrical Engineering Education, think critically, creatively, innovatively, dynamically, independently and openly, cooperate with other parties in order to improve themselves, and have high dedication.
  4. Technicians in Electrical Engineering
    Mastering the theoretical and practical concepts of electrical engineering used in electricity, air conditioner, electronic design, and photography.
  5. Electrical Entrepreneurs
    Being able to develop entrepreneurship in electrical engineering, air conditioner, electrical design, and photography.