Ganesha University of Education
International Office


  1. Library
    The library is 242 m2 in width. It has 4.275 titles of book and total of 37.818 copies.
  2. Puskom
    Puskom (the central of computer programming) is located in the center of Undiksha as the information Center. In this place we can find information regarding the student’s GPA, student’s semester courses program, E-learning, Study Schedule, Internet Hotspot, and the online student’s course program registration.
  3. Laboratory
    The laboratory is 5.118 m2 in width, and has 70 diferent units (Biology, computer, electro, physique, chemistry, language). This laboratory facilitates students in studying and practicing their ability.
  4. Auditorium
    GUE has a very luxurious auditorium with artistic design, complete with a stage, 800 seats for graduates at commencement at the first floor and the capacity for 2000 visitors. This auditorium is used to execute graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, stage acts, exhibitions, and other activities on a big scale.
  5. Seminar House
    This place is used to held academic seminar, meeting, and workshop. This place can accommodate 150 people.
  6. Field
    Undiksha has some playing fields such as football, tennis, basketball, volley ball, and badminton. These places facilitate student in increasing their sport ability.
  7. Internet hotspot
  8. Education School Laboratory
    Undiksha has an education school laboratory that consists of (1) a kindergarten  (tk), (2) an elementary school, (3) a junior high school and (4) a high school. The laboratory education school is a place to practice teaching for the students and to do research in the field of education for the lecturers of Undiksha.
  9. Theater room
    This place is usually used for playing or performing some operas and drama theater. It is located in Faculty of Language and Art, Undiksha. 
  10. Art studio
    Art Studio is used for exhibiting some arts like painting, handycraft, and statue. The location is in the Art Department, Faculty of Language and Art, Undiksha.
  11. Campus Dormitory
    A building for university students and foreign students live. There are 88 rooms with bed, nice view, and short distance to campus.
  12. Temple
    Hindus’ community in Undiksha pray here.
  13. Counseling
    Handled by experienced counselors, this service assists students to solve academic and nonacademic problems. This service is also giving considerations and advices to students in choosing and searching jobs. Individuals who need this service can contact this unit. Information: ( +6281246318813).
  14. Language Service Unit
    Language Service Unit, Ganesha University of Education. Starting in 2012, it has run several programs, namely Darmasiswa, KURBIAS (English course at the beginning of semester) for Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, English course for lecturers, English course for students, Institutional TOEFL from IIEF Jakarta and translation services for various types of documents, such as abstract, and articles.