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This page functions as a platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, facilitating dialogue and exchange among stakeholders, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha endeavors to inspire and inform action towards achieving the SDGs, both within the university community and beyond, by showcasing best practices, lessons learned, and innovative approaches. It offers a range of reports, such as annual sustainability reports, research findings, project evaluations, and policy briefs, thereby providing transparent and accountable documentation of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha's efforts in advancing the 17 SDGs.

Assessment Report

Undiksha Member Readiness and Awareness for Green IT Implementation

This section dives into an assessment designed to gauge Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha's (Undiksha) community's preparedness and knowledge regarding Green IT practices. Establishing this baseline is crucial for building a strong foundation for successful Green IT initiatives within the university. The report delves into the methodology employed for the assessment, including the target audience (faculty, staff, and students), data collection methods (surveys, interviews, focus groups), and the specific areas of Green IT awareness evaluated (knowledge of sustainable IT practices, attitudes towards environmental responsibility, etc.). Key findings from the assessment will be presented, outlining the current level of readiness and awareness among Undiksha members towards Green IT adoption. This will provide valuable insights into potential strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed in the university's Green IT strategy.

UI GreenMetric Report

Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) actively participates in the UI GreenMetric Ranking, a prestigious international ranking system that evaluates universities' commitment to sustainability practices. The UI GreenMetric assesses universities across six key criteria, encompassing 39 indicators, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their environmental efforts.

Undiksha's participation in the UI GreenMetric goes beyond simply achieving a ranking. It signifies our unwavering dedication to implementing environmentally-friendly policies and initiatives throughout our campus. By benchmarking ourselves against other universities worldwide, we gain valuable insights that fuel continuous improvement and innovation. Ultimately, our participation in the UI GreenMetric reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering a greener future, not just for Undiksha, but for the planet as a whole.

Undiksha’s Annual Performance Report

This report provides performance information on the attainment of strategy, program, and activity targets, as well as related performance indicators, as outlined in the Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) Performance Agreement for 2023. In 2023, Undiksha has established four targets and 10 performance indicators. Undiksha has successfully met the performance targets outlined in the performance agreement. This performance report provides an objective perspective of Undiksha's performance in 2023. The report also describes the challenges and problems faced while reaching performance, acting as a reference for future work strategies and innovations. It is believed that this performance report would be beneficial as a resource for analyzing program/activity and budget planning, developing educational and cultural policies, and enhancing performance in the future year.