Undiksha, also known as Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, has a diverse background when it comes to the composition of its academic staff. Additionally, the university places a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights. To support these efforts, Udiksha has established the Unit Penguatan dan Peningkatan Kapasitas Kelembagaan (Unit for Institutional Improvement and Capacity Building), which serves as the office responsible for advising on and implementing policies, programs, and training related to these important areas on campus.

  • Stress Management Training: Helping staff learn effective strategies to manage stress and maintain well-being.
  • Time Management Training: Equipping staff with skills to optimize their time and productivity.
  • Reaching Your Maximum Potential Training: Focusing on personal and professional growth to help staff reach their full potential.
  • Basic Productivity Skills for Office Workers Training: Enhancing essential skills needed for efficient office work.

These training initiatives contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive environment at Undiksha, fostering growth and well-being among its staff members.

I Gede Arjana, S.Pd.,M.Sc.

Pendidikan Fisika (S1)

I Gede Arjana, S.Pd.,M.Sc. has been tasked and appointed as the Diversity Officer (based on the decree No 951/UN48/PT/2020). His profile is as follows: Equality and diversity officers work to reduce discrimination in the workplace and foster a culture of equality and inclusion.
Here are some of his jobs and responsibilities:
  • Raising awareness of equality and discrimination

    One of the major duties of these officers is to educate and raise awareness of equality and diversity in the workplace.

  • Compiling statistics and maintaining information and records

    These officers are also responsible for analyzing and compiling equality-related statistics within organizations. They maintain various information systems and records and analyze equality data to evaluate the state of equality in the organization.

  • Identifying issues and researching cases

    These officers play an active role in identifying ongoing equality-related issues at the workplace.

  • Advocating for and representing minority groups

    An important duty of an equality and diversity officer is to advocate for the rights of minority groups.

  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of current legislation

    Another important responsibility of the equality and diversity officer is to stay updated with various legislative rules.

  • Introducing organizational policies and action plans

    Equality and diversity officers also compile and develop policies at the corporate and service level.

  • Conducting events and initiatives to promote equality

    Equality and diversity officers actively engage in conducting events and various other initiatives to support inclusiveness and diversity in organizations.

  • Reviewing promotional literature for compliance

    It's integral for organizations to check if their promotional material is on par with their equality and diversity policies.

Apart from promoting equality in the workplace, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha is committed to nurturing a comprehensive ethical organizational culture by instituting a dedicated internal control unit to handle non-academic matters, including ethical concerns, across the institution. This unit assumes the responsibility of guiding and supervising ethical practices, ensuring compliance with established ethical standards and offering support and resources to encourage ethical behavior among all university members. Moreover, the unit acts as a central hub for addressing ethical issues, fostering transparency, and upholding integrity throughout the entire institution.

Website of Undiksha’s Internal Control Unit: https://spi.undiksha.ac.id

The ethical document can be downloaded at the following link https://go.undiksha.ac.id/Dokumen_Kebijakan-kode-etik

Additionally, we provide an internal reporting system to ensure the confidentiality of whistleblowers or a grievance procedure for staff regarding employment matters. This system is designed to facilitate the reporting of any ethical concerns or misconduct safely and confidentially. By offering a mechanism for individuals to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation, we demonstrate our commitment to accountability, transparency, and fairness in addressing ethical issues within the university community. Undiksha’s Reporting System: https://missu.undiksha.ac.id/ppid-lapor-keberatan