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Research and Publications

Providing substantial measurable contributions, Undiksha reaches a new height in research by broadening the scope and premise of the research strategies for development with full considerations for covering 17 core necessities in Sustainable Development Goals, as it includes employment, education, nutrition, health, income distribution, poverty reduction, basic needs, and the environment.

Implementation of Undiksha's Research and Innovation Program

Publikasi Penelitian Undiksha

Research Publications

Find a list of services to publish your scientific research journals.

Hasil Penelitian Undiksha

List of Research Results

Find a list of the latest research funded by Undiksha to researchers based on annual achievements.

Riset dan Pengajaran Undiksha

Research and Teaching

Undiksha continues to encourage study programs and lecturers to improve the quality of teaching through various programs to support curriculum development and capacity building.

Pengembangan usaha & inkubasi undiksha

Business & Incubation Development

Undiksha develops business and industrial cooperation based on science and technology by focusing on research in line with Indonesia's national research policy.

Innovation and technology seem inseparable in this digital era. Thus, research at Undiksha is not only carried out by lecturers, but only in collaboration with other researchers and students. It is expected that through this, more creative and effective inventions will emerge and contribute to the progress of the country and society.

For more information on student research results, see the specific page.