Food Corner

The Food Corner at our institution serves as a hub for sustainable dining options, promoting access to nutritious and affordable meals while minimizing environmental impact. By sourcing locally produced ingredients and implementing eco-friendly practices such as composting and waste reduction, the Food Corner contributes to SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) by ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agriculture.


Students’ Union Center

The Students’ Union Center provides a platform for student-led initiatives focused on social, economic, and environmental justice. Through advocacy campaigns, community outreach, and collaborative projects, this center supports SDG 4 (Quality Education) by fostering a culture of lifelong learning and empowering students to become agents of positive change.


Disabilities Facilities

Our institution is committed to inclusivity and accessibility, with dedicated facilities and resources to support individuals with disabilities. By ensuring equal access to education, employment opportunities, and community engagement, these facilities contribute to SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) by promoting social inclusion and ensuring that no one is left behind.


Open and Green Spaces

Open and green spaces on campus provide areas for recreation, relaxation, and environmental conservation. By preserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and promoting physical and mental well-being, these spaces align with SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 15 (Life on Land) by creating sustainable environments that enhance quality of life for all.


Research and Community Service Center

The Research and Community Service Center serves as a hub for interdisciplinary research and collaborative projects aimed at addressing local and global challenges. By fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and community engagement, this center supports multiple SDGs, including SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) by promoting technological advancements and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) by facilitating partnerships for sustainable development.


Clinic and Health Center

The university's clinic and health center serves as a vital resource for students, providing comprehensive access to both sexual and reproductive health-care services, as well as physical health-care services. As a dedicated space, it offers a wide range of confidential and nonjudgmental services, including consultations, screenings, and treatments related to sexual and reproductive health. Additionally, the center delivers essential information and educational programs aimed at promoting awareness, prevention, and responsible decision-making regarding sexual health matters.

Moreover, the clinic and health center play a crucial role in addressing students' physical health needs by offering access to medical consultations, preventive care, and treatment options for various health conditions. Through informative sessions and educational materials, students are empowered to make informed choices about their health and well-being. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, the clinic and health center ensure that students have the resources and support they need to maintain their overall health and thrive academically.