Undiksha Students Achieved Second Winner at KOSRUMNAS #1 by Presenting “BOMBARDIR #5”

Singaraja – One student from Study Program of Fine Arts Education, Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) created another achievement in a national level competition. It came from Putu Dika Pratama. This 6th semester student won second place in the National Student Arts Competition (KOSRUMNAS # 1) held by Semarang State University (UNNES) from the beginning of February to early March 2021.

It was confirmed on Monday (8/3/2021), Dika Pratama said that the event was attended by more than 50 universities, with more than 400 submissions of works. His work, entitled “BOMBARDIR # 5”, responded to the theme “Changes in Current Cultural Realities” given by the organizers. The work was created by a phenomenon in the past year on social media. Covid-19 news seems endless in Indonesia, starting in early March 2020 until entering 2021. Various problems arise, not only related to physical health, but also mental health. In addition, there had also been a change in the dynamics of using social media from being fun to being scary.

He said, “The visual that is presented is a representation of my current psychological condition by slightly appropriating Salvador Dali’s work entitled The Persistence of Memory. The purpose of this BOMBARDIR # 5 work is asking people to be thorough in understanding and sharing information “.

Dika also admitted that he was proud to be able to bring Undiksha to be one of the champions in this prestigious competition. However, he emphasized that this achievement did not immediately satisfy him. The future target is to achieve more higher level achievement. He said, ” I hope that other Undiksha students can achieve more higher achievements.” Apart from participating in competitions, Dika had also previously been active in participating in art exhibitions, both locally and nationally. (PR)

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