Undiksha Performing Buleleng Local Wisdom at Bali Art Festival XLIII

“Mancer Ing Jagat” Dance

Denpasar – Student Activity Unit of Traditional Arts (UKM Kesda) Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) had the opportunity to perform at the Bali Arts Festival (PKB) XLIII 2021 which was held virtually. Meanwhile, the recording process was still carried out on the Ardha Candra Open Stage, Art Center, Denpasar, Thursday (27/5/2021). UKM Kesda Undiksha performed Gong Kebyar “Tabuh Kutus Ler Bukit”, Baris Dance “Mancer Ing Jagat” and Kekebyaran Dance “Nirlaya”.

Tabuh Kutus Ler Bukit, means Balinese traditional percussion from the north of the hill. As we know, Buleleng Regency which is known as Den Bukit is located in the north of the hill that stretches across Bali. This Tabuh was intended to revive the uniqueness of Buleleng culture which is characterized by creating a natural atmosphere of culture, lifestyle, dialect, kebyar art, and culinary. This Tabuh was arranged according to the patterns and uger-uger pagongan classical percussion by elaborating the kekebyaran art that appeared in every part of the composition so that it looked new and enriches the repertoire of Balinese slow percussion.

The creation of the Bebarisan Dance “Mancer Ing Jagat” was inspired by the Baris Dapdap dance in Pedawa Village, Buleleng Regency. The essence of this dance was to give a sparkling light of holiness in a process of cleansing the bhuana agung and bhuana alit in the process towards world balance, harmony and prosperity with the concept of wana kerti.

Meanwhile, Dance “Nirlaya” which meant free and strong. This dance was taken from the story of Dewa Ayu Mas Melanting. In her decision, she made liberation from the cycles of time, aging, and death and attained moksha at Pemuteran Hill which is now known as Melanting Temple in Gerokgak District, Buleleng.

Rector Undiksha, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd., who attended this performance expressed his appreciation to the Governor of Bali who had provided opportunity for students’ creativity during this Covid-19 Pandemic. He stated, “I convey my appreciation to the governor of Bali, in this Balinese Arts Festival there is an extraordinary innovation and creativity. We also send our highly appreciation because Undiksha has been involved in this Bali Art Festival,”

Jampel also expressed his appreciation to students who have shown their quality in performances even though Undiksha is not a specialized institution in field of the arts. As he said, “I am very impressed with the students. Even though we are not from art education, students are able to perform heartbreaking performances. That’s why I suggest also going through the Head of Culture of the Province of Bali, maybe in the future Undiksha can be involved again”. (PR)

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Links for Tabuh Kutus Ler Bukit: https://youtu.be/6Giw_zhE7S4

Link to for “Mancer Ing Jagat” Dance: https://youtu.be/gZEqp9m1kt8

Links for “Nirlaya” Dance: https://youtu.be/TOWtBq2yJXk

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