Sriutami, Chosen as “Puteri Pesona Pariwisata Indonesia”

Ida Ayu Komang Sriutami

Singaraja- Ida Ayu Komang Sriutami one student of Law Science study program, Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) had chosen as Putri Pesona Pariwisata Indonesia (Miss Indonesian Tourism Charm) which was held on June 16th – 18th, 2021. In this event, she was Bali Province representative who should compete with 33 representatives from all provinces in Indonesia. 

To be in this phase, she had to struggle and face many obstacles. At the first time, she had no supports from her parents. Apart from having to come home late at night, auditions in Jakarta also cost a lot of money. However, because of her convincing attitude and achievement motivation, finally her parents allowed her.

Her participation in this event was also supported by increasing her knowledge and understanding of tourism as well as strategies for improving the economy during the pandemic Covid-19. She also had to undergo quarantine and follow a series of stages before reaching the final stage.

She said, “This has been a memorable experience for me. I learned a lot and became aware of the different cultures of the participants, their different traits and habits.” 

She declared that she would continue her mission to participate in improving better tourism sector. “I want to introduce and improve the current way of developing and promoting tourism.”

She also stated that there were still several things that need to be improved in the tourism sector. She stated, “Tourist destinations need regulations to maintain their sustainability, cleanliness, and no more clay fees.”

Regarding tourism promotion strategies, she said that people could use information technology that had very broad affordability. “It could also be by holding discounts and bazaars to attract tourists.”

Sriutami also invited people to always conduct health protocols for all tourist destination areas. She added, “In this era of the pandemic,  tourists would consider which destination should be visited. But the guaranteed protocol and the convenience of the place will attract them to come.” (PR)

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