Exhibiting Prasi Arts and Drawing, Undiksha Students Won International Champion

Singaraja – Yohanes Soubirius De Santo is one of students from Study Program of Fine Arts Education was selected as the winner in the “United Nations Development Program from the Desk of the Executive Secretary” event organized by the United Nation and also at the “Art and Artisans” event organized by the Integrated Learning Institute for Sustainable Development and the Global Challenges Forum in Canada. Both events would be held from January to February 2021.

He explained “The event at the United Nations was held in London, England. I was chosen as the winner. And the second event will be held on the Lombard Ave, Canada. Here I was chosen to be the first winner,” Thursday (4/2/2021).

Tens of thousands of applicants wanted to apply this great event consisting of trade unions, associations, corporate bodies, artists, art workers and art craftsmen, who came from 193 countries. At the United Nation event, Yohanes exhibited his final project, namely the Prasi artwork, which is a development of the general prasi themes. Prasi is an artwork which is applied on the palmleaf. He said , “In my artwork, I raise the theme of the culture from my native region, East Nusa Tenggara. I try to visualize some of the exist cultures there”.

Meanwhile in Canada, he exhibited a drawing with the theme of fighting for roles during this pandemic. He explained, “I feel that this pandemic is not used as a transitional period in self-improvement. Instead, it is used as a time to compete for roles in taking material, power, position, and others”.

He emphasized that the main goal of creating artworks is not for the sake of exhibition, but rather that his work can be a health therapy for people. “This is my point of view about the world of art, art cannot be a cure for a disease, but art can be a health therapy for people,” as he said. For this reason, he spent his time to develop his art skills.

Regarding to his achievement, he admitted that it was out of his expectation. Since, he had to compete with many participants with very great works. “I am very happy and grateful to our Almighty God for His blessings and mercy, because I was selected as the winner in these two big events”.

Previously, Johannes also frequently joined in various competitions and exhibitions, both on a local, national and international level. Besides, he is also involved in the international level book-writing section. For him, it inspires a sense of confidence and optimism for everyone during this pandemic. “In 2021, I will participate on an exhibition in Lampung and an exhibition held by the Department of Culture, Bali Province”. (PR)

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