Collaborating with Xinyang Normal University, Undiksha Preparing “Confucius Institute”

Kerja Sama dengan Xinyang Normal University

Singaraja – Ganesha University of Education (Undiksha) focused on establishing Chinese Language Study program in Undiksha by establishing Confusius Institute. For its preparation, Undiksha conducted a virtual meeting with Xinyang Normal University, China, to discuss about this program, Tuesday (11/5.2021). This meeting was attended by Rector of Undiksha with his team, Rector of Xinyang Normal University and his team, and representatives from Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Denpasar.

As an information, Confucius Institute is a board which established to develop and facilitate Chinese Language Education outside of China. This institute will promote education and cultural exchange, and cooperation between Tiongkok and international communities, such as Undiksha.

Rector of Undiksha, Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd. expected this Confucius Institute could be the starting point for establishing the Chinese Language Program at Undiksha. “In the past few years, we have planned and designed the establishment of Bachelor program of Mandarin Language or Mandarin Language Education. Yet, we have problem with human resource, that we do not have lecturers of Mandarin language in Undiksha. We seek your support and cooperation from Xinyang Normal University so that we can establish Confucius Institute in Undiksha soon.”

Mr. Li Jun, Rector of Xinyang Normal University also conveyed that Xinyang Normal University will always support the establishment of the Confucius Institute and the implementation of Chinese Language Education at Undiksha. “Through this virtual meeting is a big step for us to respond about establishing the Confucius Institute. In the future, based on the principle and purpose of inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual assistance and wholeheartedness, we will support and closely cooperate with Ganesha University of Education, actively promote the implementation of all measures for establishing the Confucius Institute and strive to create a new international pattern of higher education together.” 

This cooperation also involved the Government of the People’s Republic of China. It could be seen from the presence of the representatives of Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Denpasar who would later monitor and evaluate this program. Moreover, since it started, this program was also facilitated by Mr. Gou Haodong, the former Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Denpasar. (PR)

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