LPPPM UNDIKSHA Organized Public Test of Learning Guideline

To get input on the Academic Manual of Learning Guideline, Institute for Learning Development and Quality Assurance (LPPPM) UNDIKSHA held Focus Group Disscusion (FGD) on Friday (16/6/2017). The speaker in the FGD was Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Dantes as Developer Team of Learning Implementation Guideline.

This activity was a follow up activity in the compilation of competency-based curriculum which was oriented on Indonesia National Qualifiers Framework (KKNI) UNDIKSHA in 2016. “The curriculum and learning program are a package. We must develop instructional guidelines as a quality standard for the implementation of the lessons we must undertake. The Learning Guidelines will serve as guidelines for planning, implementing, and evaluating learning. It also serves as a guideline for the leadership in monitoring the evaluation related to the implementation of learning “said Secretary of LPPPM, Prof. Dr. I Made Ardana, M.Si., in his speech in the opening of the FGD event. Ardana added, the suggestions and inputs delivered in the FGD event were expected to make the compiled learning guides became more qualified and could be a learning guideline in UNDIKSHA in the future.

The FGD held in the LPPPM’s meeting room was attended by the deans, vice deans, and heads of departments in UNDIKSHA. “We invite you to contribute to this meeting, so that the documents that have been produced can be socialized and applied to the study program and department, especially the educational program,” said the Chief Executive of Activities. I Wayan Artika, S.Pd., M.Hum.

The opening by the Secretary of LPPPM, Prof. Dr. I Made Ardana, M.Si.