Ganesha University of Education held the overseas PPL students (PPL LN) at Prince Songkla University, Thailand

The Rector of Undiksha was present in the acceptance of the overseas PPL students (PPL LN) to President Prince Songkla University who was accompanied by the leadership. On that occasion, the Undiksha Rector was accompanied by the Head of Undiksha Cooperation Affairs. Field Training Activities (PPL) overseas will be held in Negeri Gajah Putih, in Surat Thani, Thailand. The students of Undiksha will conduct PPL at Prince Songkla University until early August. For the future, this effort will be expanded by involving more Study Program and University partner Universities.
The aim of the students PPL overseas activity is increasing the development of PPL program, increasing international cooperation, and improving the quality and quality of prospective teachers produced by Ganesha University of Education especially in terms of the addition of international insights.
The activities of the overseas PPL students at Prince Songkla University, Thailand was followed by 12 students from six different departments including Mathematics Education Study Program, Science Education Program, Physical Education, Health and Recreation (Penjaskesrek), English Education Study Program, and Education Technology Study Program.