Buleleng Regent agreed Jinengdalem Campus as Medical Study Program Lecture

Putu Agus Suradnyana, ST as Buleleng Regent with his Vice Regent, Nyoman Sutjidra, Sp.OG were accompanied by Undiksha Rector Dr. Nyoman Jampel, M.Pd and his functionaries to review the physical preparation and infrastructure of Undiksha Medical Faculty in Jinengdalem Village on Thursday (13/7).

“The campus is so luxurious and extraordinary. We are ready to  support the proposal Medical Study Program, ” said Agus Suradnyana in Undiksha Campus Jinengdalem on Thursday.

In his opinion, this visit related to the preparation of medical study program visitation which was proposed by the biggest education campus in Bali Island to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti).

Agus assessed that Undiksha had prepared all the infrastructural facilities very well and detailed. The building was also considered a very good place as a place for Medical Study Program lecture.

“The local government is ready to support the campus by fixing the the road accessibility and other related things,” he said.

Related to the widening road, Agus also planned to do maping to support the existence of Undiksha Jineng Dalem campus.

” We will map it later. It is because it should cover all areas not just a half,” he added.

Meanwhile, Undiksha Rector, Dr I Nyoman Jampel MPd said that  Undiksha really took serious in preparing the infrastructure for the Medical study program. It was especially for the Jinengdalem campus that had been designed well, including comfortable classrooms and other educational facilities.

The development of the building was designed in a very complete way. This building also designed for speciality program and also for two stratum program (master’s degree).

Besides Jinengdalem campus, said Jampel, Undiksha  also set wet laboratory of the faculty of Mathematics and Sciences (MIPA) to support the Medical study program.

“We have developed wet laboratory in MIPA that included ordering tools from abroad with good qualities of course. It shows that we are really serious proposing this study program, “he said.